December 20, 2005

Lisa: Pre-training: Week 3, day 1

This morning Marci, Jessie, and I walked at Cottonwood High. At first we couldn't find the track, so we walked around the school instead. Actually, that worked pretty well because the school was well-lit and the snow had melted off the sidewalks. When we got around to the back of the school, we could see that the football field and track were sort of sunken down--the top level of the bleachers was even with the road behind the school. We found an open gate, headed down the steps, and went around the track four or five times. We are now at "fast walking pace," and I have to admit that it felt great--I could have kept going a while longer. It was more like exercise instead of some horrible punishment. I'm sure it helped that it was about ten degrees warmer than any of our previous training sessions. Anyway, yay us!

Posted by lisa at December 20, 2005 09:17 AM

Just a word of advice- Do not go down roads marked "Authorized Vehicles Only" It will lead to some serious trouble.

Posted by: Marci on December 20, 2005 04:04 PM
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