January 06, 2006

Lisa: Amputees are so hot right now

Something strange was afoot at Wendy's. Possibly at the whole chain. When I went to my work conference in Provo, we stopped for lunch at a local Wendy's. It must have been near a high school, because soon after we were seated, the restaurant was flooded with high school students. One of these groups of students was clearly jocks. What made these particular jocks notable was that over half of them were wearing immaculately clean football jerseys. These were not jerseys that had been played in. These were not mesh affairs worn over t-shirts. These were blindingly white, shiny, stiff game jerseys with extra room in the shoulders for the pads and everything. But they weren't wearing pads. And the jerseys, which taper in quite a bit at the waist, were paired with jeans pulled down low to expose a variety of underclothing. The jeans ended ungracefully at giant puffy white athletic shoes. This was one of the most hideous ensembles I had ever seen, but I was forced to come to the conclusion that it was FOR SOME UNFATHOMABLE REASON considered attractive and/or desirable among the jocks' fellow students.

I blissfully forgot this incident for several weeks, until I met Sarah and Mallory at the Wendy's near the library where I work. Right on schedule, as soon as we sat down with our food, the line filled up with high school students. And FIVE of them were wearing the jerseys. This time I had the presence of mind to get Sarah to take a picture of one of them with her camera phone. Maybe they think the puffed sleeves make it look like they have bigger muscles? Or perhaps legs have become undesirable to high school students, so they want to downplay them as much as possible?

Careful, kids, you're only a short step away from some K-Fed-style manpris and a wife-beater.

Posted by lisa at January 06, 2006 05:07 PM

I would like to say that when I was a jock in highschool we would not have been caught dead in that outfit. And that was the Westside. But maybe because it was the Westside we would never have been able to get something looking that white? Hmmm. on second thought, no, it just looks lame.

Posted by: blake on January 7, 2006 10:51 AM
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