January 04, 2006

Sarah: Button, button, who's got the button?

First of all, the sideview of the record bowls and box, as promised (with a coke bottle for scale):

And now, I present some 5 button sets, selling for $4 per set. Remember, these are a little bigger than a quarter.


Risky Business:



Girl's best friend:


Party Girl:

Pretty patterns:



As a side-note, the "show us a nude scene" button came from a magazine article about Keifer Sutherland and 24. I think that makes the pin even better...

So there you go. Leave me a comment if you're interested. Thanks! I'm going to stop bogging down our site with pictures for a while, but I've just been having so much fun with my camera. Sorry to monopolize!

Posted by sarah at January 04, 2006 10:49 AM

sweet camera! and sweet pins. nice work! and nice work armando (aka almanzo?) on getting sarah a sweet cam in which she can monopolize her blog... tee hee hee

Posted by: stace on January 5, 2006 12:40 AM

i want the nude scene buton!!!

Posted by: young jeffrey on January 9, 2006 08:51 PM


Posted by: young jeffrey on January 9, 2006 08:51 PM

I'm obsessed with my Bree Van De Kamp pin! Thanks so much for it! The fish pin I made is cool too...

Posted by: Jason on January 11, 2006 07:56 PM
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