January 19, 2006

Lisa: Pre-training: Week 7, Day 1

Yesterday I met Sarah and Jessie at Liberty Park for our first-ever 5:00 am training session. 5 feels much, much earlier than 5:30. I set my alarm for 4:30, a time I think most humans should never, ever have to see. You can tell by my eyes how much more tired I am than usual:

This week we started doing two sets of running for 15 minutes, then fast walking for 5 minutes. 15 minutes of running also feels significantly longer than 10 minutes, but we ignored what our bodies were telling us and got through it just fine. 40 minutes took us exactly twice around the park, for a total of 2.5 miles.

128.5 lbs, 29% body fat

Posted by lisa at January 19, 2006 09:46 AM

So my mom... she wakes up at four EVERY DAY. Its freaking insane. Sometimes, she wakes up when I'm going to bed. Thats all.

Posted by: Mallory on January 19, 2006 01:34 PM
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