January 30, 2006

Lisa: Pre-training: Week 8, Days 2-4

It looks like the marathon group has dwindled to just me and Sarah. It's weird, but I think we feel more committed than when there were five of us. If one of us doesn't show up, it's guaranteed that the other person will be training alone. It also means we can be a bit more flexible with training times and locations.


Sarah and I braved a snowstorm to run at the Highland High track. Apparently one end of the track is always in shade, and consequently was covered in snowdrifts. We stuck it out, though, going 13 times around for a total of 3.25 miles.

128.5 lbs, 29% body fat


We couldn't face hills again on Sunday, so Sarah and I ran at the Olympus track. We went 13 times around again (3.25 miles). The second 20-minute session was pretty horrible, but we made it!

132 lbs, 31% body fat (but I had just eaten, so whatever)


This morning Sarah and I met at Liberty Park. Our 50 minutes took us 2 1/2 times around the park (3.13 miles). This week is the first week my legs have felt sore after every run. That's got to be good, right? I'm starting to get a little paranoid that the muscles on one side of my body will be longer or something, since we always run counterclockwise around the tracks and parks. I'm afraid that if there are any right turns on the marathon path, I won't be able to turn that way and I'll veer uncontrollably off the path to the left and crash into a laundromat. I guess I could take care of the problem by running clockwise once in a while, but that just seems so wrong.

130 lbs 29% body fat

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