February 03, 2006

Sarah: Me and Artie Fufkin, We Love Us Some Felt.

This isn't a dollar store project, but I just got excited, so I wanted to share! I made these hairpins last night and today at work.

I used wool felt, some old buttons I had in my craft table, and extra strong burgandy thread. The hairpins are sewn on, and so the felt does slide around a little, but overall I like how they turned out. I'm trying to be guttsier, so I've been cutting the felt without first looking at someone else's cute shapes. I know. I live dangerously.

So here I am wearing the flower:

And look! I got a leaf in my hair!

The colors aren't quite right in this photo. They are much more subdued and autumnal and pretty.
And I did my hair in about two seconds, so don't mind how out-of-control messy it is.

I really like the dot:

Although again, we have the wacky hair issues.
I didn't mean this shot to have such an excellent view of my work space. Hello cell phone! Hello discs! Hello Maverick cup full of Diet Coke!

And here we are with a quarter for scale (since my head is abnormally large and doesn't give you an accurate idea of the size of the pins):

Ta-DA! I am very anxious to hear what people think: Do you like them? Hate them? Think they would sell, if I chose to make more? I know they seem more autumn-oriented, which is strange to see in February, but I am loving those colors right now, and the felt at the fabric store I went to was rather limited. Just be glad I didn't use glitter felt. Because, damn.

Posted by sarah at February 03, 2006 12:57 PM

SO CUTE! And I am very impressed with your ability to take pictures of the back of your head.

Posted by: lisa on February 3, 2006 01:13 PM

Aw, thanks Lisa. Those pictures are harder than one might think. I do not have your self-photography experience, so there were many photos that had to be deleted.

Posted by: sarah on February 3, 2006 01:48 PM

I only take lots of pictures of myself because I am very self absorbed.

Posted by: lisa on February 3, 2006 02:38 PM

Yeah, pretty much.

Posted by: sarah on February 3, 2006 03:06 PM
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