March 30, 2006

Sarah: Money Can't Buy Nights Like This

My camera and computer were disagreeing for a few days, so I am a bit late posting the photos from a recent girls night to go with Mallory's quotes. Here we go!

The evening started with Mal, Marci, and I hanging out at The Bakery, each trying one of their delicious desserts. Mal had cheesecake, Marci had a fruit tart, and I had tiramisu. They were all delicious. We're pretty sure that Marci's tart and my tiramisu had rum or alcohol of some kind in them. Yes, I realize that we couldn't have gotten drunk, but hilarity ensued nonetheless.

Mal's giant glasses were pretty smokin. Plus, her fans totally couldn't tell it was her.

When Lisa got off work, we left The Bakery to join her at Crown Burger, so that Lisa could have dinner.

(First we needed one last photo.)

I tried to sneak-attack Lisa with my camera:

It didn't really work.
Lisa was looking extremely skinny, so I told her I was telling the internet.
"Your new nickname is Nicole Richie."

Marci got fries. They looked extremely tasty.

Mallory mocks Salt-N-Pepa shakers. Nothing is sacred to her.

Also, Marci and Mallory didn't seem to be liking each other (notice the huge space between them).

But I thought Lisa was so pretty...

Then I started dancing...

At some point Mal decided that our wacky quotes needed to be written down. She started on her "NAPKINS OF GREATNESS."

I got a video of Marci imitating Britney's airplane dance from her Toxic music video, but the video was lost in my efforts to make my camera and laptop become friends. I was able to salvage a few pictures, though.

Mallory introduced a new conversation topic by instructing me to take a picture of her track marks.
So I did. I think she got a vaccination of some sort.

I experienced Diet Coke Nirvana,

... which made me have to pee. Unfortunately, someone had locked the door of the women's restroom and then camped out in there, so I used the men's restroom out of desperation. Urinals have always skeeved me out.

After Crown Burger, we met up with Jessie and then watched Coyote Ugly at my apartment. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died. Still, it was a lovely, girl-tastic evening.

For more girl fun, check out last night's Cinegrill Dinner pictures on Andrea's Flickr site.

Posted by sarah at March 30, 2006 11:11 AM

I think I have a video of you dancing, if I can figure out how to post it...

Posted by: lisa on March 30, 2006 02:27 PM
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