April 04, 2006

Sarah: Comfort Food

Backstory: Armando adores our mother. This is a good thing, except that he keeps referring to her as a "good woman." By this he means that she is a good cook, wife, homemaker, career woman. Really, she IS a good woman. But hearing him use the phrase is amusing nonetheless. A recent conversation with him, however, revealed that he may think even more highly of Aunt Jemima, she who holds the imitation maple syrup. Lisa and I discussed this curious development:

Sarah: Armando may or may not have a crush on Aunt Jemima.
Lisa: HA. She's just like mom, except sweeter. And more pleasantly plump. And more of a pleasing maple-brown color.
S: lol. Yeah. He called her "honorable auntie." He says "She makes waffles yummy."
L: Oh no. I hope he pronounced it ohn-tee.
S: Hee. She's totally the ORIGINAL 'good woman.'
L: Seriously. And also, ew.
S: I'm waiting for the day that he's all "I care about you Sarah, but I think we should just be friends... You just can't measure up to Honorable Auntie Jemima and her mapley goodness."
L: Hee. That day may very well come.

Posted by sarah at April 04, 2006 10:22 PM

Hey, obviously Armando has never had anything TRULY GOOD in the way of waffles at your mother's house! We use REAL MAPLE SYRUP! He would never have developed a crush on Aunt Jemima if he had. I'm jealous.

Posted by: goodwomanmama on April 6, 2006 01:11 PM
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