May 18, 2006

Sarah: Getting Better at Sewing Straight Lines

So, remember how I used to talk about how I loved to do crafts, and I was always making things out of garbage, like a mobile out of cds, and a wallet out of postal envelopes?
And then remember how I completely stopped making stuff, and almost stopped posting on this site altogether?
Well. I have regained my lust for life, and finished sewing a purse.

I used this pattern

and followed the directions for the big bag on the left, that looks like a giant tote, but is in reality a generously-sized purse. I altered the straps to be a bit wider and maybe a tiny bit longer (seriously, what was this purse creation originally? I think the answer is: short, skinny-strapped Uggo.) and didn't include the layer of polyester fleece (for increased purse rigidity?) because, well, I didn't have any on hand and couldn't be bothered to buy some.

I used fabric that had purchased several months ago for a fraction of their original price. This is a closeup on the fabric, although the brown color is much prettier in real life.

So here is the finished product:

And showing the lining and inner pocket:

Things I am learning about my camera:
1. Moving at all, by the subject or the photographer, results in a fuzzy picture that may or may not be apparent from the screen of the camera.
2. Natural light really IS needed for quality photos.
3. I still have no idea what the icons on the Menu do. Perhaps it is time to read the manual.

Posted by sarah at May 18, 2006 04:03 PM

Supa cute!!

Posted by: lisa on May 18, 2006 04:43 PM
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