September 26, 2006

Sarah: Does this mean it's "Fall City"?

Last Saturday I attended the Spring City Artists' Studio Tour as an excuse to hang out with my mom and dad.

My parents have been working hard on their new house, and the improvements are really starting to show! Here's some before and after for comparison:

Old roof:

New roof:

New roof! Shiny repaired spire! Pretty!



Period appropriate fence! Woot!

My parents were adorable. They let me drive the riding mower, and it was the most fun without vampire teeth I've had in a very long time.

Unfortunately, I had so much fun that I left crazy mower lines all over the lawn. Mom fixed them.

Action shot!

It's like the Jazzy for gardners. In the coolest possible way.

We also picked pears for some of my parents' artist friends.

Obviously there is no shortage of "cute" in my gene pool.

It looked like fall was coming to Spring City.

One of the artists had a very pretty calico cat.

I learned that calico cats can only be female "unless they're cross-dressing," jokes my mom. (I told you there was plenty of cute.)

I stayed until my dad's eyes were drooping and then drove back home. It was quite a fun weekend.

Posted by sarah at September 26, 2006 08:20 AM

So I enjoy that in the "Gallery of Tortie Types" there is a picture of "Calico at Christmas" because I know that is what my calico cat looks like every December 25th.

Posted by: Mallory on September 26, 2006 09:15 AM

so the reason calico cats can only be female is that the gene for hair color is on the x chromosome and oonly one x chromosome is expressed in any given cell, and so you have patches. Male cats only have one version of the gene to express, so they are solid color. You didn't really want to know that, but, anyways. . .

Posted by: Young Jeffrey on October 2, 2006 02:23 PM
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