December 22, 2006

Lisa: Boogie Woogie Santa Claus

As promised, I'm posting pictures of our Christmas lights...

Also as promised, Mallory took us to see the light show in Murray that is animated and set to music. When we got there, a long line of cars was inching along, each waiting for their turn to see the show. I passed the time by taking pictures, of course.

Blake was the first to be blinded by my flash--which was probably poor planning on my part, since he was the one driving the car.

Even though I was obviously taking the lion's share of the flash's assault, Jeffrey was so blinded he couldn't even open his eyes. Amateur!

In that last one, imagine Jeff's face looks like this (the only picture from the bunch in which he toughened up and pried his sensitive little peepers open):

I'm not sure how Mallory escaped the photographic onslaught--possibly because she was in the passenger seat right in front of me and was shielded by the headrest.

The house right before the one with the animated show sported some serious lights, too.

Finally, we got to "Christmas Utah," and it was worth the wait. Let's just say there was quite a bit of undignified clapping and squealing coming from our car. It was really hard to get decent pictures when the lights kept flashing on and off, but you get the idea--and if you want to see it in motion, try the link above.

Thanks, Mallory! I think this will be a new Christmas tradition.

Posted by lisa at December 22, 2006 01:52 PM

Awww that night was fun. Sorry I was spaced out through most of it. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the show though!

Posted by: Mallory on December 27, 2006 08:51 AM

i had lots of fun too!!!

Posted by: Young Jeffrey on December 27, 2006 05:01 PM
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