October 24, 2007

Lisa: meeting of minds

Lisa: Adam Baldwin is by far the best looking Baldwin. It's not even a contest.
Sarah: I didn't realize he was even really one of the Baldwins. He looks different enough.
Lisa: Yes, he is one of the brothers. [ETA: Sorry, Sarah. He is NOT one of the brothers. I apparently completely skipped over the words "no relation" in his IMDB bio.]
Sarah: Plus he doesn't have the slicked hair. The Baldwin helmet.
Lisa: Good point. Or that bloated, drunken smirky look! So. I was reading IMDB, as one does, and I couldn't help but notice that one of the comments on his profile was titled "his butt." So...I clicked on it. Because, OBVIOUSLY.
Sarah: mmhmmmm
Lisa: The thread was completely bizarre. The first commenter was all, "Has anyone seen his butt?" And someone replied, "Yes, in some show (blah blah), it was nice."
Sarah: lol
Lisa: And then the first commenter said, "So...was it soft and squeezable, or hard and muscly?"
Sarah: HA! Why didn't she just see for herself, since she needed such detailed descriptions??
Lisa: So then another commenter was like, "Um. That's a weird question. It's hard to tell from TV, but it looked pretty muscly. HERE'S A PICTURE."
Sarah: Well? did it look muscly?
Lisa: It did indeed.
Sarah: That's weird. That's the sort of investigating you do on your own.

Ten minutes pass.

Lisa: Admit it, now you're curious about Adam Baldwin's butt.
Sarah: Vaguely. Are you wanting to send me a picture?
Lisa: No. As you said, that is research that should be done on your own.
Sarah: Well, at least not with STRANGERS.

Ten more minutes pass.

Sarah: So are you going to show me Adam Baldwin's butt, or what?
Lisa: Ha! It is linked from his IMDB comments. Or you could probably Google it. But boy, will your face be red when you get fired for Googling "adam baldwin butt!"
Sarah: lol

30 minutes pass.

Lisa: So, did you look it up?
Sarah: No. I don't want to be fired!
Lisa: Probably wise.

Posted by lisa at October 24, 2007 05:41 PM

I have officially looked at Adam Baldwin's butt. And I think.......no good!! But I bet Sarah ends up looking at it. In fact, this might start her in a downward spiral with a pornography addiction, one that won't end with the Baldwin's. In fact, I dare say it'll end with Morgan Freeman, and that will be the point where she knows she has hit rock bottom. Then she'll finally admit she has a problem. And that's the first step Sarah. And I will be there to hold your hand through this ordeal. And NO I will NOT moon you so don't even ask me too.

Posted by: Jeremy on October 24, 2007 06:20 PM

Hmmmmmmmmm, Now I am SO tempted to google ADAM BALDWIN butt!!! But I am scared Jeremy will see and scream "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!"

Posted by: Jen on October 24, 2007 06:21 PM

Jeremy- WHEN did you see his butt? I havent seen you looking at porn TODAY? And isnt that the pot calling the kettle black! YOU telling someone they MIGHT become addicted to porn- you would know! :)

Posted by: Jen on October 24, 2007 06:25 PM

Well, now when you (you, meaning me) Google "adam baldwin butt," Lisa's post pops up just after a quote on Rotten Tomatoes about Adam Baldwin kicking butt! Oh, and of course I looked and I would have to go with squeezable.

Posted by: Gabrielle on October 24, 2007 09:20 PM

i looked.
um. i don't even know what to say about it.
pretty... good...?

Posted by: sarah on October 25, 2007 09:07 AM

While I'm usually in total agreement with anything and everything you two say, I just don't find myself wondering about Adam Baldwin's butt. But (butt?) that's not to say I'm not a fan -- and as it happens, he's shared screen time with a fairly long list of callipygous women, including:

Amy Acker
Morena Baccarin
Vivica A. Fox
Summer Glau
Jewel Staite
Yvonne Strahovski
Sarah Thompson

And possibly:
Charisma Carpenter (I don't recall if she had left "Angel" by the time Baldwin appeared on the show)
Catherine Bell (I didn't see the episode in which Baldwin guest-starred, but I assume he had screen time with Ms. Bell)

And, btw, Baldwin gets bonus points for appearing in "The Chocolate War." I don't remember him in it (I haven't seen it in years), but I used to love that film when I was going through my teen-aged melodramatic phase.

Posted by: Dave on October 25, 2007 10:26 AM
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