October 26, 2007

Sarah: Saying 'Hello' is such a waste of complaint time, anyway.

S: You know what I hate?
T: Haha what??
S: The placement of the parentheses on the keyboard.
T: Why's that?
S: You have to press shift, then go all the way up to the number keys. It's a lot of work for such a silly little punctuation. I blame their placement on the general overuse of ellipses and dashes.
T: Psshh well it's because you hardly ever use them.
S: Are you saying that i live life out loud? That is what i choose to believe you mean.

Posted by sarah at October 26, 2007 05:06 PM

What I wish was more accessible is the Scroll Lock. uh.....what is a scroll lock?

Posted by: Jeremy on October 26, 2007 09:52 AM
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