May 25, 2008

Sarah: Amsterdam you!

Lest you think I'm spending all of my time smoking doobies in the red-light district while in Amsterdam, I thought I'd check in to update. Yesterday was one of my favorite days thusfar. Sixteen of us from our class rode bikes out of Amsterdam and through the smaller towns that border the jetties. The weather was beautiful with the sun shining (oops, I forgot sunscreen!) and a breeze blowing. I fell in love with Holland. I'm a fool for a country that not only has such beautiful scenery, but an affection for wooden shoes. By the time we returned to the hotel, we'd ridden about 18 miles and had the sore butts to prove it.
Last night Feist was in town, but her show was sold out. I was seriously bummed until I discovered (just now! Just this second!) that she's performing in Park City, Utah on July 17th. Dear friends, I am freaking out. I didn't see where I could purchase tickets online. If someone would buy a ticket for me (and themself! Let's all go!), I would love that person forever. And pay them back as soon as I get back into town. Or, you know, it could be a birthday gift.

Before my trip to Europe, I did not have:
A farmer tan highlighting the outline of a shoe strap, watch band, and short sleeve shirt.
A shirt featuring a female-afro-sillouette. Which everyone should own. And which three of us do own.
A wacky pillow cover.
A well worn map of Amsterdam.
A constant, nagging need for poffertjes.

Besides imagining what shenanigans my dad probably fears I am getting in to, I am thinking about:
Yesterday was my little brother Jeff's birthday. He's in New Jersey, no doubt charming the crap out of people like he charms the crap out of me. I chatted with some new friends about Jeff the other day, and about how he attended such an amazing university after high school. I'm so proud of Jeff, for his incredible kindness, his cheerful friendliness, his superior intellect and how quick he is to love and forgive. Jeff, I wish I could grow up to be as great as you.

Posted by sarah at May 25, 2008 06:28 AM

Go team Afro Shirts!

Posted by: Marci on May 25, 2008 06:46 AM

so, poffertjes are very similar to the dutch ebleskivers which my mom has made every year for christmas morning breakfast since i can remember. i was really excited when i clicked on the link, only to discover that i know exactly what they are. and then i had to comment. so, you're coming in like 16 days. i'm excited.

Posted by: stace on May 25, 2008 06:05 PM

I got you a Feist ticket! Woot! Also, how much are those baby bike seats?

Posted by: lisa on May 25, 2008 06:34 PM

I am glad you love my native land. I love dutch food SO much. It's highly underrated in my humble opinion. Anyway, now you know why I was fat when i was a kid...

Posted by: Mallory on May 26, 2008 02:19 AM

Lis- I don't know! Sorry... Plus, I'm in Prague now. Bummer.

Marci- I would be your twin any day.

Staci and Mal- Yes yes yes. So good. I want more already. Dutch frites, pancakes, and poffertjes are all ridiculously good. I want some more right now.

Posted by: sarah on May 29, 2008 08:59 AM
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