June 07, 2010

Lisa: Viewing candy marketing is not a right.

Overheard in the checkout lane at Jo-Ann's.

Five-year-old boy: "Mom, I really, REALLY want to go to baby-bottle-pop-dot-com. Can I go to baby-bottle-pop-dot-com? Please?"
Harried but very well-groomed mom with Dolce & Gabbana purse: "No, you haven't earned that privilege."

Two minutes elapse.

Boy: "Mom, if I fill up all my stickers, can I go to em-and-ems-dot-com?"
Mom: (busy with one-year-old, who keeps throwing things out of the shopping cart)
Boy: "Okay, well I am going to keep this wrapper, so that I remember to go to em-and-ems-dot-com. OK, Mom? I am going to keep this wrapper. Mom?"

I have so many questions.

Posted by lisa at June 07, 2010 11:42 AM
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