February 24, 2011

Lisa: home improvement wishlist (the big one)

Since the motherboard on our furnace fried earlier this week and we unexpectedly had to get a completely new furnace installed, the items on my pre-baby house wishlist are seeming a bit more out of reach. So, I figure I might as well get TOTALLY unrealistic and make a list of all the other stuff I want to do around the house, ever. (Disclaimer: these projects have not all been approved by Blake.)

Outside (here it is before I painted the front door dark purple)

  • replace the front aluminum awning and wrought-iron supports with some kind of wooden pergola or cloth awning that is prettier and more updated
  • add a matching mini-awning over the side door, since that's where we always come in from the car, and there is a lot of getting rained on while we unlock the door
  • replace the aluminum roof over the back patio with a wooden pergola
  • get rid of the storm door in front (which effectively sweeps callers off the porch when opened) and the cracked screen door on the side
  • install rain chains (instead of downspouts?)
  • Kitchen

  • paint over the dark red vampire's lair faux finish (which you can kind of see in the second image here) with a navy blue, like Ralph Lauren's Anchor Blue IB94
  • paint the side entry (and attached stairwell) that leads into the kitchen a lighter blue, like Behr's 590D-5 Windsurf Blue, with white paneling
  • replace the "decorative" tiles over the stove with something more my taste (Can this be done without ripping out all the tile? It's just sort of a vignette surrounded by the regular kitchen tile, which I'd want to leave intact.)
  • Downstairs Bath

  • rip out all of the self-stick vinyl tile, a vinyl all-in-one shower, contractor-basic vanity, medicine cabinet, faucets, and lighting, and dropped panel ceiling (unless we have to keep it for plumbing/electrical access)
  • completely redo the whole thing, more stylishly and with a more functional layout
  • I'm not even touching the work we should probably be doing to get the yard in shape and get all of our storage beautifully organized, let alone routine maintenance. Oh, and someday I want to paint the downstairs bedroom, hallway, and family room. SEE, YOU CAN'T SQUASH MY DREAMS, FURNACE!

    Posted by lisa at February 24, 2011 04:59 PM
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