May 21, 2003

Sarah: Joining the Scooter Craze

As my car prepares to meet its impending doom, my thoughts turn to a new vehicle. Since I am becoming increasingly financially independent, I realize that I cannot expect to recieve another automobile from my parents. Perhaps a used car that I can take a loan out on, you say? But wait! As the dawn breaks on the morning of a transportation revolution, the scooter approaches. Not one of those silly folding scooters, but a gas-powered Vespa or Bajaj. A nod to simpler times, these retro scooters provide the most hip transportation--which is why they are so excellent for me!

So, here is why I should get a scooter:

Affordable within a few months with no loan or payment plan.
Make travel around my little college town during the school year a breeze.
Excellent gas mileage.
Enormous cuteness factor.
Easy parking, plus more available and inexpensive on-campus parking.

I only have a few concerns. Where would I store my scooter during the harsh winters in Logan, UT while at school? I might have to get covered parking or store it at my parents' house. Would it be safe while parked in the parking lot?? If you have any thoughts or information regarding insurance costs and/or safety statistics of these vehicles, let me know.

Posted by sarah at May 21, 2003 01:38 PM

Scooter = Higher Fatal Accident Rate, so I'd advice against it, I think we'd all like Sarah to be around for a long time.

Posted by: Soly "Wunderkid" Yeah! on May 21, 2003 11:59 PM

But they're so cute!! Do you have any links to sites with statistics concerning this higher accident fatality rate? Anyway, it's not like you can go THAT fast in a scooter...

Posted by: sarah on May 22, 2003 12:46 PM

But if someone hits ya, chances are you'll fly into a brick wall or into someone's backyard or somethin like that. Hey, come bowling!

Posted by: Soly "Wunderkid" Yeah! on May 22, 2003 10:54 PM

You should definitely get a scooter. Then I can ride YOUR scooter to work, and don't have to get my own!

Posted by: lisa on May 23, 2003 02:23 PM
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