June 13, 2003

Sarah: Do You Yahoo?

A few weeks ago, I was at the computer at my local public library, and a 14 year old boy sat down next to me. This would be rather unremarkable, but he kept talking to himself about the sites on the internet he was going to. Slightly amused, I continued with my personal web surfing, trying to ignore the boy, to spare both of us embarrassment. I nearly lost it and burst into laughter when he visited www.yahoo.com and sang, in his 12-inch voice "yaHOOOOOO".
Today I saw this boy again, but this time he was accompanied by a good (and extremely strange) friend of our little brother. Amazing how it just all seemed to make sense.

Posted by lisa at June 13, 2003 10:16 AM

so, you guys never really did the "about us" page...whatever became of our photo shoot?


Posted by: dave on June 17, 2003 09:08 AM

Not that I don't enjoy Dave's comments, but they seldom seem to relate to the blogs to which they are posted.

Posted by: Sarah on June 17, 2003 12:08 PM
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