June 27, 2003

Sarah: Adventures in Babysitting

Sophie (3) has taken to saying "I suppose." While I was helping her go to the bathroom, she said "I suppose that I need some toilet paper." She also seems to think that she is an adult. While having a snack, she looked at me and said "I think we need to check on David." David (my brother, who is 21) was quietly reading in the next room. I'm glad she's got her eye on him. One of my favorite moments of the day was when, as I was feeding the kids dinner, the ice cream man drove by. Tim (9) grabbed his money box and made a run for the door. When his mom stopped him from leaving, the following conversation ensued:

Mom: No, you don't!
Tim: But... can I just get some ice cream?
Mom: No, you can't.
Tim:... Can I ask Sarah?

Thanks. Dude, I've been turned into the softie. Oh well. Another dinner funny happened while I was making grilled cheese sandwiches. Tim and Rachel (6) were both about half way done with eating their current sandwiches, so I asked them if they would like a second sandwich. Both of them said no, so I started to clean up. Almost right after I put the pan I'd been using for the sandwiches into the sink, Tim says "Okay, I'll have another sandwich now." And Rachel says "Yeah, me too." So I said "But you both said you didn't want another!" Tim replied "I had to see if I was still hungry..." in a slightly condescending way. Oh well.

Posted by lisa at June 27, 2003 10:23 AM
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