August 11, 2003

Lisa: pie with cake stuffed inside

This excerpt is from an article on The Morning News, a site that has now been added to my favorites list. The article is the responses of a panel of "non-experts" to the question "Does Santa Claus exist?".

Here's what Joshua Allen had to say:

One time I was in a Denny’s trying to slit my wrists with my final paycheck from a different Denny’s. The female waitperson came over, lay her meaty hands upon mine. ‘What can I get for you?’ she asked, her voice husky and intimate. ‘Anything,’ she said. I looked up and saw the tinsel-fringed Santa hat upon her head. Tears rolled down my smoke-stained cheeks as I said: ‘Pie, with cake stuffed inside.’ She nodded and went to get it while I dunked the paycheck into my tiny glass of ice water. Thank you, Santa Claus, thank you thank you.

Posted by lisa at August 11, 2003 10:48 AM
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