August 12, 2003

Sarah: To Vacate

I just returned from vacation in California. It was beautiful, fun, etc. A few notes concerning said vacation:

  • Every time I swim in the ocean (this is not a frequent occurence), I am surprised by the extreme saltiness. Is it a universal practice to spit frequently into the water? I think you have to.
  • I do not tan. At all. I frecklize. And then it is gone in two days. I have nothing to show for my time spent on the beach.
  • While visiting the Sequoia National Forest (very cool - big trees and the like), I felt bad for the pine trees which are interspersed with the giant sequoia trees. They were tall and beautiful, but got no attention whatsoever, because they weren't as big and fat as the sequoias. In any other forest, people would admire them, but they were ignored. Poor little pine trees. Is it okay to sympathize with inanimate objects? It shouldn't be.

    Posted by sarah at August 12, 2003 10:51 PM
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    With me it's always a cycle of burn/peel/burn/peel. There are no tan phases, just red and white.

    Posted by: Lisa on August 13, 2003 10:19 AM

    That sounds like the start of a really lame joke: What is red, white, red, white? Okay, I guess the punchline SHOULD be "Lisa," but that is just too dumb to write down. Also, I don't like Barney. For your information, I tried to change my book a long time ago, but Lisa decided that I couldn't, since it had a white cover, and didn't show up well on the site.

    Posted by: Sarah on August 13, 2003 11:38 AM
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