March 26, 2004

Lisa: It's rude to type with your mouth full.

Sarah signed on to instant messenger this afternoon before heading down to Salt Lake from Logan, to let me know she would be a little earlier than expected to pick me up. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of cleaning my keyboard when she signed on. Since I eat lunch at my desk almost every day, my keyboard was completely disgusting. I had a bunch of keys popped off in order to clean underneath, making it almost impossible for me to type. Translations and explanations are below in bold. Sorry, Sarah! I love you!

Sarah: so i might be there closer to 2, depending on the roads.
Lisa: (hasn't noticed yet that Sarah is trying to talk) 1223134
Sarah: i TOTALLY agree.
Lisa: krd rk (keyboard broken)
Lisa: (still cleaning) 5
Sarah: okay, i'm going to be okay on money.
Sarah: i don't have a lot to spend, but we can buy ribbon or whatever.
Lisa: (now cleaning the keyboard tray, causing the number keys to smash against the desk above) 7+7+++777;
Sarah: have you been gagged?
Lisa: 77777777777777
Lisa: (puts the keyboard back down) (smiley face emoticon)
Sarah: ugh.
Sarah: what's your deal?
Lisa: (sobbing emoticon)
Sarah: WHAT??
Lisa: (reassesses available keys and tries again) typg rkm (typing broken)
Sarah: typing rkm?
Lisa: typg (Yes! Typing! You figured it out!)
Lisa: (smiling emoticon)
Sarah: typing.
Lisa: (smiling emoticon)
Sarah: dude. add vowels. it will take less time.
Sarah: is your mouth full or something??
Lisa: rkm (Okay, second word. BROKEN.)
Sarah: slkdgh;asdioghjwamcsewionsdfvads
Sarah: okay, miss no-speaky.
Sarah: i'll see you soon, i suppose.
Lisa: (Seeing Sarah's stream of letters, gets the idea to cut and paste. Unfortunately, there is no 'b'. Long pause.) sorry
Sarah: what's up with the crazy talkey?
Lisa: (Now brilliantly deduces that she can use the missing letters by poking down the little holes in the keyboard with the screwdriver she was using to pry the keys off. Long pause.) broken
Lisa: (pause) keys
Sarah: really?
Lisa: cleaning
Sarah: oh. dweeb...
Lisa: (longest pause ever) now using screwdriver
Sarah: hee
Sarah: okay, i'm gonna go.
Sarah: i'll call you when i'm close.
Sarah: LOVE YOU!
Lisa: k
Lisa: (heart shaped emoticon)
Lisa: (resumes cleaning) 05455545555555555555

So, all's well that ends well, I guess. My keyboard is now cleaner than when I got it. Unfortunately, I kind of broke the space bar when i was putting it back on. I just have to remember to space with my right hand.

Posted by lisa at March 26, 2004 01:35 PM

Dude. I can't be blamed for not understanding that "rkm" meant broken. One may have noticed that "broken" doesn't even contain an "m."

Posted by: sarah on March 27, 2004 02:34 PM


Posted by: Gemini6ice on March 28, 2004 05:27 AM

Did I mention that I thought I was the most clever person of ALL TIME for asking if Lisa was gagged or if her mouth was full? Yeah. It was wrong.

Posted by: sarah on April 5, 2004 09:16 PM
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