April 01, 2005

Sarah: Blah!

I've had a serious case of the blahs as of late. Note my lack of posting, and my general lackluster quality of life. But there are a few things of note: My friend J and I have been on an almost-no-money-spending trip, which has been very positive for my finances. Also, I'm totally psyched for my tax return. Straight into savings with you!
Speaking of J, there's a little story I'd like to tell:
J is studying fashion design, and I really think she'll do great. She's got a great eye, and is creative with an attention to detail. She spends way too much time on all of her projects, but they come out looking great. Anyway, she recently enlisted the help of our friend M for a project where she needed to come up with a color scheme from her surroundings. Or something. I'm not explaining this well. But the point is that M is an awesome photographer, and I went shooting with her (fun!) and her pictures came out awesome. She took these beautiful pictures of objects or places that I saw, but didn't realize their potential. Anyway, the result was a great project. My friends are so talented!
I have more to write, but it will be continued later...

Posted by sarah at April 01, 2005 09:52 AM

nice work M, on the photographs. i heard about that. sounds really fun! and J, i was thinking about you the other day! i miss you! are we ever going to hang out again? as for you, sarah, i had a great time the other night. we'll have to play again soon. love you ladies!

-the other S from the (freezing) north

Posted by: " S " on April 3, 2005 02:02 AM

So, I'm pretty sure my friends think it's nerdy that I only name them by their initials, but I do it because i care! I'm trying to protect their identities, in the event that people start reading this website. Okay??

Posted by: Sarah on April 3, 2005 11:49 AM

Thanks Sarah!! that means a lot to me! sorry that I post your name on my website.. Would you like me to refer to you as "S" or give you a super cool code name?

Posted by: "M" on April 4, 2005 06:02 PM

I am glad that you refer to me as a J because seriously, what if someone wants to start stalking me because of what you post Sarah? That would be creepy! Thank you thank you for protecting me. By the way "m" i am just about to go and present the project yay!

Posted by: J on April 6, 2005 04:04 PM
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