April 05, 2005

Sarah: Strange Bedfellows

Since moving back home, I've felt a lot like I was back in high school. One chore that has been high on my mom's priority list is making my bed daily. This has always been important to her, and giving credit where credit is due, it makes things look a lot cleaner. Also, I love getting into bed when it's been made. The sheets are flat and cool, and it just feels cleaner. When I am running late to work and neglect my bed, however, my mom will tidy up my room for me, but leaves little surprises between my sheets to motivate me to pick up after myself. Among the sheet-dwellers have been: a plastic iguana, a poseable snake, a wind-up nun that spits fire (I'm lucky she didn't burn my bed!), and most recently my bobblehead Buttercup and miniature garden gnome (my mom told me later that they were DOING IT). Yesterday I came home on my lunch break to change after an unfortunate yogurt incident, only to discover my mother, standing in my room with a handful of plastic spiders. She's enjoying this way too much.

Posted by sarah at April 05, 2005 11:06 AM

HA! Dude. You have a wind up nun that spits FIRE?

Posted by: lisa on April 5, 2005 11:32 AM
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