April 18, 2005

Lisa: My mind is always in the cord gutter.

Since I haven't had any luck finding a separating zipper in the right length and color for my Ribby Cardi at local stores, I have been searching around online. I am a little wary of trying to match colors that way, but I finally found a site that sold clear zippers along with various other knitting supplies. Unfortunately, the site was in German, so I had to use Babel Fish to get a rough translation. However, I found it via a recommendation from another knitter's blog, so I felt OK about giving it a try. When I went back today to actually purchase the zipper, I was greeted with this (translated) message:

Hello dear cord gutters,
we decided to adjust our on-line Shop.
It was a beautiful time with you. Thank you for your confidence.
They reach us weriterhin under info@seasonstore.com

The search continues.

Update: I just ordered a zipper from Zipperstop. $1.80 for the zipper, and $5.40 to ship--sheesh! You'd think they could just stick it in a regular envelope and mail it for 37 cents. Anyway, we'll see if it works.

Update #2: The zipper from Zipperstop arrived this morning, and it is a terrible match. Argh! If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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Posted by: John on August 10, 2005 06:03 PM
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