December 13, 2006

Sarah: Things I learned yesterday

  • The hours between 12 and 4 am are very useful for completing Christmas gifts.

  • Cutting stencils from freezer paper is a long and tedious process.

  • Buffy and Angel could never have a normal relationship, Faith is evil, Riley is sort of cute, Cordelia's dad committed tax fraud and she had to work retail to buy her prom dress. Oh, and Xander is a good friend. I want a Xander.

  • Realtors keep notaries on staff. Very nice notaries.

  • Being unable to locate one's birth certificate, social security card, or passport may lead one to question one's existence in the first place.

  • Information regarding ********.

  • Although I love Christian's colorful Miami suits and coordinating sunglasses, I draw the line at a white suit with giant, almost Willy Wonka-like white rimmed sunglasses.

  • I need to declutter my apartment. Why is there a four-year-old USU student directory taking up space in my limited storage?
  • Posted by sarah at December 13, 2006 11:11 AM

    Heh. ********...

    I should probably scrub my brain but it's so funny that I can't.

    (Sarah edited this comment, because this is a family friendly blog, and she changed her blog to reflect the morals and values treasured by the ladies of Two Loose Teeth.)

    Posted by: Mallory on December 13, 2006 11:45 AM

    what did it say??????????

    Posted by: Young Jeffrey on December 14, 2006 08:03 PM

    Jeffrey I believe those would be grown up words. That is why they are bleeped out.

    Posted by: Marci on December 14, 2006 10:33 PM

    hehe grown up words.

    Posted by: Mallory on December 15, 2006 09:52 AM
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