February 12, 2009

Sarah: That just about covers it.

E and I plan our weekends.

E: On Sunday morning I teach my first ever Young Women's lesson. Sunday night: potluck? (The question mark here is that my sister and her kids are coming to town and she may need some help that night.)

S: Fine, you can spend Sunday with your real family, if necessary. On one condition: that I be allowed to attend your Young Women's lesson.

E: You can start practicing for my lesson now: stand in front of the mirror and start listing your attributes. Start with: I'm a daughter of God. We'll pick up from there next session.

S: 1. I am a daughter of God. 2. Could be cankle-ier.

Posted by sarah at February 12, 2009 01:51 PM

So I know you are going to delete the spam comment above but please read it before because hilarious. Also I am a little afraid that my ankles look that picture.

Posted by: Marci on February 13, 2009 05:09 PM
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