August 14, 2009

Lisa: got my hair did

Twitter and Facebook are good times and everything, but I must admit they have contributed to the lack of posts around here. Luckily, I felt the following Facebook interaction deserved a little pictorial embellishment.

Lisa: New haircut: might be awesome, might be Three's Company.

Sarah: HA! I can't wait to see it. [Sarah knows that Three's Company also means Janette from SYTYCD, whose haircut I HATE.]

Angie: Might be Indigo Girls?

Lisa: Might be Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett.

Dear readers, I will let you decide for yourselves.

August 20, 2009

Sarah: Moments of Life

In case you're feeling like I feel, this is for you. A filmmaker set out to capture moments of life:

I sometimes feel like my dreams are slipping away a little bit, that the everyday details are distracting me from the big picture of what I want. But it's good to remember that what we do every day, no matter how mundane, is worth doing. We're living and we only have one chance to do so. So whether it's listening to the crickets while I work at night or squeezing with my niece or dancing around in a hot dog costume, I'm spending each day experiencing life, whatever that means. And some days just the experience can be enough.

August 24, 2009

Lisa: Carla & Henriette

Some exciting new work developments and a general fog of ennui have meant that things at Casa Smith (and here at Two Loose Teeth) have been woefully neglected. Thankfully, the fridge now contains more than condiments and takeout boxes. The dishwasher, washer, and dryer are all running, and both bathrooms are almost painfully clean. It's just...I don't have any more energy left for being creative.

Luckily, it's Movie Monday, and I can skate by on the genius (and athleticism) of others much younger and more capable than myself.

August 27, 2009

Lisa: buy my love

If get your Two Loose Teeth fix via a blog reader, you might not have noticed the new Etsy widgets in our sidebars. Instead of featuring books and movies that we never got around to updating, you can now see items from Sarah's Anderson Ink shop on the left, and the Two Loose Teeth shop (currently selling some toddler hair barrettes I made) on the right.

Mostly, I started making some clips for Nora, and then they were so fun and easy to make that I got carried away and made more than one two-year-old could ever wear. So. Do you know any little girls who need a set?