April 21, 2003

Sarah: You have received an email from Teeth

Actual Instant Messenger Conversation between Sarah and Lisa.

Sarah: Well, at least i'm open, huh? What was the highest possible score on the personality test? I haven't taken it yet.
Lisa: All are out of 45 except openness, which is out of 90.
Sarah: Danget!!
Lisa: hee
Sarah: Dude, i think that you just basically told me that i have NO personality. Could you have given me LOWER scores?!
Lisa: Yes, the minimum for each category is nine.
Sarah: I hate you.
Lisa: Is there a difference between extraversion and extroversion?
Sarah: Um... a spelling mistake? Let me check.
Sarah: Yeah, extraversion isn't a word as far as i could discern.
Lisa: That's how they spell it on the survey; that's why i was wondering.
Sarah: Well, then it's almost okay that you gave me a low score on extraversion, but only because it doesn't exist. Punk.
Lisa: hee
Sarah: I'm going to ask someone who likes me more to do the test.
Lisa: I gave you a super high score on extraversion!
Sarah: You gave me the lowest possible conscientiousness score. but whatever. that's probably my lowest area, anyway. And a 26 in agreeableness?!?! Shocked, stunned, and hurt.
Lisa: It's not the lowest possible! Do the test and see what you give yourself!

Later in the conversation:

Lisa: Did you ever have Mr. Burnham at Wasatch Jr.?
Sarah: He moved to another school my 8th grade year.
Lisa: Oh.
Lisa: We always had these true/false quizzes and he would read the answers out loud, we'd correct our own, and then he'd go through the roll and we'd all say our scores out loud.
Sarah: Man, they wouldn't allow that anymore!
Lisa: Anyway, he always said truh instead of true
Lisa: truh, truh, false, truh, etc.
Sarah: Hee. So, uh...
Lisa: So, now I always want to say truh instead of true. Like a little private joke with myself.
Sarah: Dude, I just almost choked on whater.
Sarah: water!!
Lisa: hee
Sarah: What's worse, i almost typed chocked.
Lisa: I chocked on whater! Help!
Lisa: Hee. Hee hee. I'm sitting here giggling. No dignity, whatsoever.
Sarah: Me too. It's truh!!
Lisa: Hee. Will you share my private joke with me?
Sarah: Oh, please, can I?!
Lisa: Hee. Hee hee. Ok, this is getting embarrassing. Hee hee hee. Mouth, you have received an email from Brain. Subject: Shut Up!

Posted by sarah at April 21, 2003 02:18 PM

sarah I love you that just totaly made my day to read that conversation. keep up the great work. oh we really need to hang out this summer. and if you want you could come work construction with me this summer you could get payed 13-15 $ per hour to be hit on by old scary guys. thanks again and talk to you soon

Posted by: that one sexy guy Aaron on April 22, 2003 10:52 AM

It's always good to hear from high school friends, and to know that someone other than myself reads our blog. Thanks for the job suggestion. When I worked at a retirement center, I only got paid $6.50 to be hit on by old scary guys. I'm glad that I'd be moving up...

Posted by: Sarah on April 22, 2003 03:32 PM
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