April 21, 2003

Sarah: Slacker or Studious?

It has been rumored by some that I have not been adequately doting on this weblog. This is not the case. I check it frequently and enjoy posts from my sister, Lisa. However, I currently lack a computer of my own, and also have to occasionally go to class, study, etc. I just wanted to let the great void that is our audience know that I care about our little blog, and I will be much more attentive in a few weeks, when I finish with this semester of school. On another note, does anyone have a summer job that pays a fabulous amount of money that I could have? Also, this job would ideally leave me a lot of spare time to enjoy the warm weather and, of course, make many blog entries. In conclusion, my energy score is way down.

Posted by sarah at April 21, 2003 02:43 PM
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