October 12, 2003

Sarah: Feeling Fine

I have decided that I am going to die a sudden and tragic death. Within the last 48 hours, the majority of my family has been overly concerned with my well-being.

Friday night when I called my parents to ask my dad a question, my mom asked with great urgency if I was alright. I was.

Tonight I called my dad again with another question (I usually don't call this often. I swear.), I interrupted a dinner party and, trying to be considerate, I told him to call me back at a more convenient time. Despite his guests, Dad wouldn't let me hang up until I had assured him that everything was fine. It still was.

A few hours later, my older brother called me just to chat and see if I was doing all right. Not that my family and friends must have a reason to call me, but I figured he'd have a purpose for the call. Nope. Just wanted to make sure I was well. Not dead yet!

Now it's a couple hours later on Sunday night, and my lovely sister, Lisa, wanted to talk to me on instant messenger, because she was "vaguely worried" about me. Also, I apparently seem "offish."

In conclusion, I think that my family has all been prompted by a supreme being to talk to me this one last time before my untimely demise. Wish me luck. I don't FEEL like I'm dying.

Posted by sarah at October 12, 2003 10:55 PM

doy, sarah, i was calling you because you left a message on my machine telling me to call you. i just said i was calling to chat because last time i returned one of your messages you were all like, "what, don't you ever call to just talk to me? you would never call me if it wasn't to return a message." so that's why i said that, i was just kidding mostly. now it seems that either way, you will make a big hairy deal out of it. i guess the moral of the story is, you are not dying.

Posted by: dave on October 13, 2003 11:33 AM
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