October 13, 2003

Guest Blogger: David Anderson

Entries From the "I Saw U" Section of the Daily Classified Ads

I Saw U - Me: rakishly handsome, with sunglasses and a copy of Neuromancer. You: effortlessly beautiful as you checked out books. When you took my card, our hands touched. If you felt something too, call me at #5815.

I Saw U - Remember me? We were stopped at a stop light, and you looked over at me, and we smiled, I think. Remember? Well, I think we should go out. #8153

I Saw U - You sat next to me in the computer lab. I read your e-mail over your shoulder, and wished that I was on the receiving end. Call me, #2012

I Saw U - You looked so striking as you slept, the wisps of hair falling across your face onto your pillow, limbs outstretched, as if you were reaching for someone. I could be that someone. I'll be waiting for your call, #4332

I Saw U - Yes, Angela, I saw you again, this time as you were painting in your basement. You, thinking you were alone, hummed along with Ace of Base. Your brush traced the penciled forms into greens and browns. I understand your work, Angela. We were meant for each other. #4332

I Saw U - Angela Grusin of 3553 Acorn Way, there's no use trying to deny it. We are soul mates. While you were gone, I went through your movie collection, and I could see that we have the same tastes, Maid in Manhattan, Say Anything, Sleepless in Seattle. These kinds of things aren't coincidence. You know how to reach me, #4332

I Saw U - Angela, allow me recite some poetry for you, that I may woo you with the beauty of my words:
If I could only be a tear
that I might be born in your eye
run down your cheek
and die in your lips


Posted by lisa at October 13, 2003 01:16 PM
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