May 18, 2004

Lisa: Shut up, Jess.

After last week's Gilmore Girls marathon, it's not suprising I have the show on my mind. Specifically, I remembered this article on the always-funny Fametracker. Here's my favorite bit:

In the second season of Gilmore Girls, the WB decided to throw a monkey wrench into the works of Rory's happy relationship with Dean by bringing a newer, badder boy to town. Since this boy would be a retread of every bad boy in TV history -- from Fonzie to Chachi to Poochie -- his looks and manner mattered a great deal less to the WB. Unlike the anxious call they'd placed to the Hollywood Geneticists in order to find their Dean, this time they called the lab to see whether there were any rejects lying around the stockroom that they could haul out and throw on a bus bound for the studio. The Geneticists -- having just sent a shipment of Steve Buscemi clones to UPN for Special Unit 2, regretfully reported that all they had left was a Ben Affleck experiment gone horribly awry. Its hair was too thick and gel-y, it was too swarthy, it sported a monobrow, and its Affleckian attitude was super-concentrated. Besides which, they'd siphoned off some of the raw material to make a pet chocolate lab for the...uh, lab, the Affleck clone was a great deal shorter than the original -- barely taller than Rory, in fact. "Eh, whatever," came the answer from the WB. "That'll do." The geneticists crafted the moniker "Milo Ventimiglia" out of the leftover letters from their alphabet soup, and wished him good riddance.

It's hard when you're a Dean-lover not to be a Jess-hater. At least, I assume so. I haven't really tried.

Posted by lisa at May 18, 2004 12:32 PM
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