June 01, 2004

Sarah: Me no speaky Chinese

MSN Instant Messenger conversation between myself and M, my new coworker.

M: Do you know what "lmao" means?
Sarah: Yes.
M: I thought my friend was online.. but then all of a sudden theyre like "LMAO LMAO THIS ISNT MARCI HAHAHAH BYE" and then left.
Sarah: Yuck. I hate them.
M: ... and I'm like, "Okay, bye."
Sarah: lmao= laugh my ass off.
M: Ahh... I was thinking it was a chinese food or something. lmao.. It kind of looks Asian.
Sarah: ha ha ha ha Yeah, it does...
M: ..
Sarah: You're still cool...
M: Thanks man

Posted by sarah at June 01, 2004 11:19 PM
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