June 14, 2004

Lisa: Schooled

I finished my comprehensive essay exams last night (WOOHOOOOO!!!), which means I am almost done with the Capstone Experience of my master's program. The other main component is a leadership project, which I'm basically done with. I just have to have one more meeting and then write about what I did.

In case anyone's interested in my project (or indirectly my lack of postings lately), here's what it entailed:
I made 15 story sacks for the library of the Young Parents Center, which is an alternative high school for students who become parents and want to bring their children with them to school. The sacks each contain a few related books, some activity items, a sheet with more activity ideas and tips on reading to babies, and a bunch of reading lists and brochures from the county library system. I took pictures of a few of the sacks this morning to include with my write-up, so you get to see them too. (Click on the dealy-hops to see the bigger thingummies.)



By the end of the week, my write-up will be done and turned in, and that means no more Capstone! I just have to finish out summer semester (three classes) and then I graduate in August. In Vegas. Yeah, it will be the hottest--but also the funnest, right? If you know of any fabulous yet affordable hotels, please let me know.

Posted by lisa at June 14, 2004 12:36 PM

Lisa doesn't post because she's busy with finals and projects for a masters program. I'm just lazy.

Posted by: sarah on June 16, 2004 05:22 PM

That's a certain text. Anyway, why don't you want to come to Vegas?

Posted by: lisa on June 17, 2004 02:05 AM
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