July 22, 2004

Lisa: Pretty drawings do not a website make

My mom and I had another meeting with the designer for our Concert Black business last night. It was all kinds of serious, with fabric samples and a design board with pretty drawrings and everything. Evidence below (click the thumbnail for the bigger picture).

So, the next step with the clothes is a few design changes (like making the skirts all long enough) and getting quotes from manufacturers.

Unfortunately, the clothes part isn't my responsibility. Instead, I am supposed to be working on the website. Argh! E-commerce websites have so much STUFF involved that I don't know how to integrate. I need a tax calculator, shipping calculator, credit card verification/processing service, SSL on my web server, a web server, a digital ID/authentication certificate, and a really good looking and functional website. What do I have? None of the above. Help!

Update: the website is live! Check it out here.

Posted by lisa at July 22, 2004 04:32 PM

Hi Lisa and Sarah! I've been reading Two Loose Teeth entries for ages and have hesitated about leaving comments though I couldn't tell you quite why. I enjoy your site very much. Thanks for writing and posting excellent links (I especially enjoy when you are listening to/watching/reading something I have also discovered).
Anyhow, Lisa you may want to check out the website of the company where Kierst and I are employed: www.classiccelebrations.com
Our boss started her company when wanted to stay at home after her daughter was born, and she has been quite successful. I would imagine that she might even be willing to answer your questions but at the very least you can see how her site is set up. Good luck!

Posted by: Jen on August 9, 2004 08:14 PM
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