July 26, 2004

Lisa: Mmm. Piepants.

I made a little knitted case for my digital camera inspired by Sara's iPod cozy over at Going Jesus. It's knitted in stockinette stitch (purl side out) with a seafoam-green chenille yarn I got at Fred Meyer. The coral-colored button is vintage, I think probably owned by my grandmother back in the day. It's quilted, and looks like it was made to match a specific article of clothing.

This photo was taken with my palm pilot inside the case instead of the camera, since I was sort of using the camera to take the picture. It's roughly the same size--the camera is a little narrower and fatter, if that makes sense.

I have been making these marble magnets (following Megan's instructions on Not Martha, here) for a while now. They're totally habit forming, since they are so easy to make and turn out so cute. If you're going to make your own, I would like to reiterate a few of Megan's suggestions, based on my experience. First of all, buy a circular punch the same diameter as the magnets you will be using. Cutting out the little pictures with scissors takes the fun right out of the project. Secondly, if you're using magazine pictures, back each one with a circle punched out of white cardstock (I use magazine subscription postcards). The silicone sealer sometimes makes the flimsy magazine paper a bit transparent, allowing the black of the magnet to show through. For cute tins to put the magnets in for gifts, I usually go here.

These particular magnets are the ones we currently have on our refrigerator at home. They're a little heavy on the Nintendo references, to keep Blake happy.

As usual, click on the thumbnails for bigger versions.

Posted by lisa at July 26, 2004 02:16 PM
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