March 13, 2006

Lisa: Training: Week 4


Last Wednesday morning I ran three miles at Sugarhouse Park. I made a conscious effort to step up the pace, but disappointingly it still took me about 40 minutes.

129 lbs, 28% body fat


On Friday evening, Sarah and I ran five miles along the next section of the marathon route. We started at 45th South and 5th East and finished at Liberty Park, which was flat all the way and felt easy peasy. We kept up a pretty good pace except during a short bathroom break at 21st South. The whole thing still took an hour and ten minutes.

128.5 lbs, 27% body fat


On Saturday morning, about 12 hours after our five mile run on Friday night, Sarah and I dragged ourselves around Sugarhouse Park for three miles. I consider it an accomplishment that we never stopped to walk--12 hours was definitely not enough time to recover. You can see we are not happy...


Sunday night Sarah and I started the marathon route again to get our full 8 miles in. We ran from the bridge to the intersection of 20th East and 33rd South. That's the hilliest section of the course, and we were basically at a survival pace. It took us an hour and fifty minutes to run the whole distance in the freezing cold. I think we would have been better off with our usual rest day before the long run.

130 lbs, 29% body fat

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