March 14, 2006

Sarah: I would like some fries with that.

Last Thursday I drove to Logan after work to visit some friends and attend a concert by the Fry Street Quartet. This quartet is good-looking beyond all reason, and their concert was amazing. While attending Utah State University, I had the pleasure of learning from this resident quartet, but needed to show the world that this group is only human. And so, I bring you candid photos:

The lovely Jessica, who is so funny and once bought me and some friends dinner. I would love to dress, act, and be like Jessica.

Next, my former viola teacher, Russell. Russell is super nice, and he once used a South Park reference in a viola studio class, and for that I will adore him forever.

Russell is married to Becky, who is lovely, and apparently doesn't take bad pictures. So I now hate her a little bit.

Last but DEFINITLY not least, Anne is tiny in stature but I'm pretty sure she could beat me up. This woman is pure muscle. Also, she is totally cool. Jason and I call her Annabelle.

Posted by sarah at March 14, 2006 09:48 AM
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