March 22, 2006

Sarah: And I was like "Hey! Emiliooooo!"

Lisa, Mallory, Marci, and I decided that we needed to go out on the town for St. Patrick's Day. Unfortunately, St. Patrick's Day disagreed. Supposedly the biggest drinking day of the year, this holiday afforded us with few dancing venue options, as several places were closed. Not to be discouraged, we braved the crowded dance floor of Green Street, and were well rewarded.
Well, mostly we almost had a brush with mediocre fame. And someone told me I looked South American. I know this was meant as a compliment, but it is nonetheless simply untrue. I mean, look at me. But I digress...
So the mediocre fame I was speaking of? Yeah, there was a celebrity in attendance that night. Not Ryan Cabrera, as I know many of you were hoping, but Wilmer Valderama. Unfortunately, he refused to engage in one of his famous dance-offs with Lisa (he probably knew he would lose), but stood in the DJ booth all night yelling things like "MAKE SOME NOISE" or "UUUUUTAAAAAAHHH," apparently to remind us where we were. I hear that drunk people occassionally get disoriented, so they should be thankful for people like Wilmer.
The point of all this is to share the pictures from my camera phone from that evening. When I first approached Wilmer for a picture, he was very gracious, and posed with the celebrity standard peace sign and peeked out from under his baseball hat in a manner intended to be cute. I took the picture and climbed down from next to the DJ booth. It was then that I realized that my flash was off, and had resulted in a completely black photo. As the night continued, Lisa and I made numerous attempts to take more successful photos. These were the best we could get:

See? Baseball hat? I told you it was him!!

If you look closely, that light in the top right corner is his cell phone. And the spot in the middle is his arm with his leather cuff-bracelet.
So... the camera phone has obviously failed its test of high-quality picture taking. The bar was not full of fog, as it appears, but was too dark for the flash to handle. I lightened the photos so that people would believe that there was actually a person there, so they are cloudy as a result.
This experience has also proven, once again, that Lisa and I cannot see a tv star without completely losing our dignity.

First person to leave a comment naming the source of my entry title will recieve a prize. No, seriously.

Posted by sarah at March 22, 2006 01:50 PM

I am thinking you mentioned the title reference on St. Patrick's day...but that's all I've got. Wilmer was so totally ignoring me on purpose.

Posted by: lisa on March 22, 2006 03:29 PM

Yes, I mentioned the source on St. Patrick's Day, so you are first in line for a prize if someone does not come forward with a more specific answer.

Posted by: sarah on March 22, 2006 04:07 PM

Hey, so a friend of ours works at the Mariott Hotel downtown and said that Wilmer is getting ready to film a movie there. Must be why he was in town.

Posted by: Gabrielle on March 27, 2006 08:20 PM

Gabrielle, you're awesome! Hopefully it's the next installment of The Crow. Wilmer could be... oh, I don't care, I just want dBo to be at the Marriott so that your friend can tell us about HIM!

Posted by: sarah on March 28, 2006 08:26 AM
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