August 14, 2006

Sarah: Houston, We Have Internet

That's right, after two weeks, I figured out my internet in my new apartment. Now if I could just figure out the whole wireless thing...

Oh yeah, did I tell you I got a new apartment? I'm loving it, except that I just killed a spider that was about the size of a quarter (well, including the legs).

I'm not sure what to say about our books right now. Apparently it isn't enough that Lisa and I share a passion for Britney Spears and karaoke. We have to share a strange obsession with book cover art featuring paper-bag-covered heads.

I highly recommend my featured book, Why Girls Are Weird. Pamela Ribon made me laugh out loud as I attempted to clandestinely read a few pages of this novel at work. I cried as I read in my bed at night, staying up far too late because I couldn't put it down. I've been a fan of her website for a long time, but this book really impressed me with her captivating story telling and unique look at life. I cared about the main character and felt she had something to teach me about myself. I can't think of something better to have in a novel. Thanks, Pamie.

Posted by sarah at August 14, 2006 06:44 PM

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men is really good, too. As David warned me, it's "kind of R-rated," but if that doesn't bother you I highly recommend it. Plus John Krasinski is making it into a movie and you know how I love my JK.

Posted by: lisa on August 14, 2006 09:28 PM

So basically you have a certain little brother to thank for pure anadultrated joy.

Posted by: Young Jeffrey on August 14, 2006 10:27 PM

I think Jeff might be talking to me, in reference to the novel, which he gave to me for my birthday? And if so, yes, I am indebted to you, little brother. The book was great.

Posted by: sarah on August 15, 2006 11:12 PM
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