September 11, 2006

Lisa: breaking the silence

We here at Two Loose Teeth have created a strong foundation of superficiality, bolstered by hundreds of entries completely concerned with the asinine and banal details of our own tiny little lives. When Hurricane Katrina hit, I was worried about a prediliction for the Spice Girls. Previous September 11th anniversaries were commemorated with unintentionally crude signage, Vanessa Carlton, or not at all. I shudder to think at what I have called apocalyptic in the past.

I would like to think that I don't mention the really big things because others have already said it better, or that the shallow details I immortalize here are part of what makes me human--part of what it is to be an individual, a woman, white, twenty-something, LDS, from Utah, a U.S. citizen, whatever. That my superficiality is somehow culturally relevant or part of my identity, and something that I have to hold on to in the face of adversity or attack. I would like to think that. The truth is probably that I am just shallow.

In the interest of having a soul, I would just like to state for the record that some things are worth remembering. So, here's to those who did say it better. And thanks also to those who work every day to make it possible for me to live in my comfortable little cocoon. When you're ready to get your mind off the serious stuff, come on over and get a good, healthy dose of the things that don't matter. There's enough here to go around.

Posted by lisa at September 11, 2006 08:23 PM

Well all righty then. You're not superficial (perhaps overly analytical), but as one guilty of the indulgence you write of, it's an exercise in catharsis for me, at least, to write about those things that I can't control, affect, or truly understand or appreciate. While not something that will be enshrined or lauded by critics or readers of The Economist, it makes me feel better. And I understand your position, too. So then, to each his or her own.

Posted by: Charles on September 11, 2006 10:42 PM

this makes me smile. one of my very favorite posts. :)

Posted by: nicole on September 12, 2006 12:17 AM

me too. definitly one of my favorites.

Posted by: sarah on September 12, 2006 08:30 AM

Thanks, Charles. You're one of the ones who said it better. And Nicole and Sarah, you are awesome. Nicole, let me know if we need to stage another intervention.

Posted by: lisa on September 12, 2006 09:14 AM

We do. She was at work last night until 3 am. So you can see how fun our work is. People don't want to leave!

Posted by: sarah on September 12, 2006 11:29 AM
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