September 14, 2006

Lisa: Fight! Fight! Fight!

The Wall Street Journal Online posted an awesome article Tuesday contrasting Encyclopaedia Brittanica and Wikipedia, and featuring an email exchange between Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder) and Dale Hoiberg (Brittanica editor-in-chief). They each have great points, but my favorite part is when they get heated, all "I can only assume Mr. Wales is being ironic." and "Fitting words for an epitaph!" and "Sneaky? I beg to differ." If you have ever found yourself doubting the reliability of the Wikipedia model or participating in a debate over the use of traditional vs. new reference formats (and what librarian hasn't), check it out. Fine family fun!

Posted by lisa at September 14, 2006 10:36 AM

It's so funny you made a posting about this. I had never heard of Wikipedia until about two days ago. (I must be living in a bubble, oh wait I live in Provo.)I was driving in my car and NPR did a ditty on this exact subject. You should check it out. The conclusion was that Wikipedia will eventually die. I can't remember why they said. Thought I would share.

Posted by: Mindy on September 14, 2006 01:10 PM
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