September 27, 2006

Lisa: I'm...sorry?

I just tried to help a charming young girl seeking to further her education.

Baby Momma: "Do you have the GED study guide for 2006?"
Lisa: (I look it up.) "Well, we own a few, but they're all checked out. Would you like to put one on hold?"
BM: "I'm in kind of a hurry. Do you have 2005?"
Lisa: (I look it up.) "Yes, but it looks like those are all checked out too. I could put one of those on hold...?"
BM: "I have to take the GED next week."
Lisa: (Sympathetic noise.) "They probably have some online study aids."
BM: "I don't have a computer."
Lisa: "Well...we do have computers here that you can use." (I point to the public computers.)
BM: "OK." (She stares at me. She obviously doesn't like this answer.)
Lisa: "...They might have some study guides checked in at the City Library System or at a school library."
BM: "Like, what school?" (She smirks. Obviously I am dimwitted because if she is taking the GED that means she dropped out of school.)
Lisa: "The University of Utah library might have study guides like that."
BM: "I don't have a car." (She just stares at me. I am obviously supposed to fix this problem.)
Lisa: "OK. Well...I know there are a lot of bus routes that go up to the University."
BM: (Kind of rolls her eyes and keeps staring at me.)
Lisa: (I stare back.)

Baby Momma's friend rescued me by coming over and telling BM that her dad might have a study guide from last year if he hadn't sold it on Ebay yet. Otherwise I don't know how I would have gotten out of that one.

Posted by lisa at September 27, 2006 03:48 PM

oviosly her decision making skills have not improved since she dropped out. Or at least her rationality and responsibilty are the same.

Posted by: Young Jeffrey on October 5, 2006 02:40 PM
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