November 11, 2006

Sarah: Give Me A Cupcake, I'll Give You My Heart

My mom and I are flying to Seattle next weekend to visit my Aunt Becky. As part of the planning for what promises to be an action-packed weekend, I suggested a visit to a little cupcake shop in town.

Becky: Sarah -- What famous cupcake store?
Sarah: Cupcake Royale.
B: OK. I just checked it out. The Ballard store is about 5 minutes away. We could even walk.
S: Do you watch Grey's Anatomy?
B: Regularly. My favorite soap opera. Do you want to ride a ferry?
S: Ha ha! Well, I, like McDreamy, love ferry boats. But if you remember when Alex gave Izzy a cupcake with a little sugar heart on it, that was from Cupcake Royale. Nothing says true love like a pink cupcake.
A: That little detail blew right past me . . .
S: Well. Now you know! Ha ha.
B: My car repair place is in ballard. I usually drop the car off and then hike home. Now I can go by the cupcake store to fortify for the trip up (and I mean up!) my hill.
Mom: OK I want a cupcake with a pink heart. But not from Alex. From George or McDreamy or maybe from the chief. He may need my help sewing on buttons.
S: I would prefer a cupcake from Burke.
B: Agreed. Or McVet.
M: DEFINITELY from Burke.
M: I would be SO much better for him than Sandra Ho. [ZIIIIING!] Or whatever her name is. McVet would make me allergic. But he is cute. And I would take his cupcake.
S: Mom! DIRTY!
B: But could someone send me a Mark Spitz style poster of Sloan in a towel? I could put it on the back of my bathroom door.
M: Sarah is too young for Mark Spitz, Becky.
S: Mark Spitz?
B: But she is not too young for the poster.
M: That is true. She'll have to look him up on the internet.
B: I just tried to look him up, but the poster did not pop up.
S: Becky, your taste in jewelry is impeccable, but I'm not sure about Mark Spitz.
B: Way too clever! I didn't say I wanted Mark Spitz, I said I wanted a poster of Sloan in a towel posed like Mark Spitz!
S: Ha ha. Oh, okay.

Posted by sarah at November 11, 2006 10:45 AM

McSteamy! :P

Posted by: suki on November 12, 2006 01:33 AM

Go to this cupcake website...SO cute that it makes me want to cry a little bit...

Posted by: Andrea (RAZRPHONE!) on November 15, 2006 09:35 AM
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