August 04, 2007

Lisa: Kudos! (mmm. kudos.)

My parents finished the vast majority of the work on their amazing property in Spring City in time to show it off at Jeff's farewell party in May. I stole some before pictures from a few of Sarah's old entries so that you could see the difference side by side.

Here's the side of the big stone barn before:

And here's what the barn looks like now:

You can kind of see my sign hanging over the trellis in front of the door. The back of the barn is gorgeous, too, with giant glass french doors looking out over the back yard. Like Sarah said, my parents cleared out all the stalls and things so the barn can be used for summer parties. Now I just need to convince them to buy a Thelma's Frozen Lemonade machine to keep out there.

Here's the slightly sketchy-looking entryway of what we call the "big house" before:

And here it is after:

Here's what the top of the turret on the corner of the big house looked like before:

And here's the turret in all its current glory:

This doesn't show it to its best advantage, but here's the gorgeous new kitchen in the big house:

I couldn't find a before picture, but here's the vastly improved "little house:"

The little house got fixed up first, and it's where my parents have been living during the bulk of the remodel. It's tiny (just a kitchen/living room, one bedroom, and a bathroom) but darling, and my parents uncovered and highlighted some great period moldings around the huge windows. Now that the big house is fixed up, they've moved in there and the little house is now a guest house for when we come to visit!

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