November 17, 2007

Sarah: Ornamented

As promised, I've found a few links to inspire you to make a few Christmas ornaments of your own. Wouldn't ornaments make cute gift toppers? I think so. I apologize that I don't remember where I found these links.

  • Martha, of course, has countless Ornament ideas, including some that look fairly speedy and inexpensive, like these Button Ornaments.

  • A Little Hut crafted ornaments made of cork

  • Afraid of getting too cutesy? Try the Tie-Fighter ornament. Christmas is for sci-fi lovers, too.

  • Sometimes something really simple can be just lovely. Acorn ornaments, for example. Can't resist a little lily-gilding? Spray paint them silver or gold, or maybe go crazy and... say... just paint or glitter (I know, right?) the top part of the acorn. I'm sorry, I'm stepping away now.

  • You can find lots of handmade inspiration on Etsy (I just searched for 'ornament' and got lots of examples), including ornaments crafted from polymer clay, painted glass balls, embroidered felt, and many more.

  • My parents used to have several clothespin ornaments that had been painted and dressed in felt to look like Santa, Mrs. Claus, and reindeer. Very cute and homey.

  • One Christmas in Elementary School, my classmate Parker's mom came to help us make gifts for our parents. Each of us painted a wooden spoon to look like Santa. The handle was a long, red, pointy hat and his face and beard were on the bowl of the spoon.

  • You could crochet a snowflake ornament.

  • Some people (not me) have the skill to make Kanzashi, which I believe were originally folded silk flowers used on hair pins, but they could also make lovely ornaments. Other folded fabric ornament inspiration here.

  • Oh, and remember how I was obsessed with yarn/felt balls for a day? Those could be cute ornaments.

  • Lastly, Anthropologie has some adorable ideas that could be mimicked.
  • And because I couldn't resist, instructions to make a Droidel. Get it? Droidel?? That made me giggle.

    This entry has spiraled out of control and marks the end of the Christmas-centric posts for the next several days, but I hope I helped get your creative juices flowing!

    Posted by sarah at November 17, 2007 12:05 PM

    Could that be Parker...BWEED?

    Posted by: lisa on November 26, 2007 07:57 PM
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