December 23, 2009

Lisa: The laws of mistletoe are unflinchingly rigid

At the funeral yesterday, Mallory pointed out that we should make sure our favorite of Jeremy's blog entries were archived somewhere, in case his Wordpress account eventually expires. In the spirit of the Christmas season, I thought you all might enjoy his interview with Sarah.

(Found here, as long as that link lasts.)

[10:44] hobbes8u: A Holiday Interview with Two Loose gal Sarah?
[10:45] Sarah: iím game!
[10:45] hobbes8u: YES!!
[10:45] Sarah: yes!
[10:46] hobbes8u: So Santa has been caught steppiní out on the missus, to save Christmas how would you handle this tabloid scandal
[10:47] hobbes8u: I know I know I ask the tough questions
[10:48] Sarah: ha. awesome question. well i hear that the elves have an in-house marital counselor (polygamy can cause domestic strife, after all, and arenít they like the smurfs with only one female?), so iíd rush the Clausís off to some couples therapy.
[10:49] hobbes8u: great great
[10:50] hobbes8u: Whatís the worst Christmas no-no?
[10:52] Sarah: hmm. knocking over the christmas tree or neglecting to leave cookies and milk and a little note for santa. also, one must always obey the rules of mistletoe. the laws of mistletoe are unflinchingly rigid.
[10:53] hobbes8u: I had no idea. I remember one time I did forget cookies and milk and the next day I found my father murdered. My mom cracked open a bottle of champagne and went to Cancun.
[10:53] hobbes8u: But that was cause she hated him.
[10:53] hobbes8u: Anyway
[10:54] Sarah: did daddy catch mommy kissing santa claus?
[10:54] hobbes8u: umm no I think it was the cookies. WAIT!! Iím interviewing you!
[10:54] hobbes8u: What is your favorite Christmas cuss word?
[10:54] Sarah: tis the season for BALLS!
[10:55] hobbes8u: It is a popular one
[10:55] hobbes8u: haha
[10:55] Sarah: yes, well christmas is all about tradition
[10:56] hobbes8u: Yes speaking of tradition, what is way to modernize the Christmas tree to really give it that futuristic look
[10:57] Sarah: tiny spaceship and alien ornaments would be cute. a hoverboard beneath the tree?
[10:58] hobbes8u: lovely
[10:58] hobbes8u: What is your very favorite childhood Christmas present?
[11:01] Sarah: the christmas i remember most vividly i received a desk and a clock radio. i felt so grown up! i wasnít all business, though. i also received some pretty china dolls and of course clothes.
[11:02] Sarah: the dolls were a different year than the desk and radio. my parents arenít loaded or anything. sheesh.
[11:03] hobbes8u: hahaha loaded as in drunks?
[11:04] hobbes8u: sorry I strike the question
[11:05] Sarah: well, theyíre neither floating in beer nor in a pile of money like scrooge mcduck
[11:06] hobbes8u: I always wanted to swim in gold money. He always made it look so comforting. I bet itís harder to save a person drowning from gold though
[11:06] hobbes8u: As a blogging celebrity, do you have any final words about the holidays?
[11:06] hobbes8u: You know for the kiddies
[11:07] hobbes8u: (the readers)
[11:08] Sarah: ha! youíve made my day. i would say that christmas is about family and friends. if other details fall through the cracks, itís alright! just enjoy your time with the people that matter. there, was that adequately cheesey?
[11:09] hobbes8u: It was delightful. Thank you and have a Happy Christmas!
[11:09] Sarah: you too!

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I like this.

Posted by: kaeleigh on December 24, 2009 10:32 AM
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