December 24, 2009

Lisa: Jiminy Christmas

In an offering that's less spontaneous and funny than Sarah's interview from yesterday, but just as full of the holiday spirit, here's Jeremy's interview with me from Christmas 2007.

Holiday Interview
An emailed interview with other Loose Tooth, Lisa.

What an honor. Here you go!

1) What’s your favorite holiday cuss word?
Jiminy Christmas

2) What’s your best childhood present?
I think the Christmas I got my first flute was the most memorable. My parents were worried that I’d be disappointed if I only had one small present to open (even though it was expensive), so they let me stay up and help them put out the Santa presents for the other kids. It was so fun to be in on the surprise!

3) If you were in control of all things Christmas what would we see and what we we see disappear?
There would definitely be less working, and more time to make fun Christmas crafts or do holiday baking, or even just wrap presents.

4) There have been people concerned with Santa’s chubby image, that it might have an unhealthy effect on children. What do you have to say to that?
I think it is great to have a positive role model with a more “jolly” body type. And at least kids will have a realistic picture of what a diet of only cookies and milk can do to a person.

5) What’s the worst gift you have ever received?
Hmm. Probably the sweatshirt with handprints appliqueed over each breast. Thanks, Grandma! Also, it had been purchased six months earlier, so I could only get store credit–toward another appliqueed sweatshirt.

6) Everyone knows that Santa’s elves make the toys for billions of people across the world. How do you think they manage?
Well, luckily they have been bred especially for that purpose. I mean, they must have evolved to be the best, fastest toy makers around, right? I know that if I were a comely young she-elf, I would go for the most successful guy in the toy shop. Also, lots of coffee.

7) Do you have any last Christmas thoughts for our readers?
It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I hope that’s OK! I can’t wait for Sweeney Todd tonight.


Thanks Lisa. We appreciate your time and your fantastic blog.

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