January 26, 2011

Sarah: Bare Necessities

Today I realized that January is almost over and my main question is when did this happen? The first week of January I made a list of resolutions (more on that later) but then put off working on any of them until now. And now it's time to get serious. Tonight I've been musing on the amount of stuff in my life, from the clutter in my house to the number of (extremely enjoyable) social commitments that I take on each week and on down the list to what I put into my body. I will be writing about this sort of thing for the next few days.

In honor of Hoarders being on Netflix Instant, I'm thinking of ways to de-clutter my house and simplify my life a little bit. Some projects that are interesting to me are:

  • Kendi's 30-30-30 challenges readers to choose 30 articles of clothing (and shoes) and wear them in 30 different combinations without buying new wearable items for 30 days. Honestly, I am so boring these days with my clothing choices, I probably already do something similar, but I like the idea of more consciously using your wardrobe creatively and having fun with accessories. I also think it's good to realize that you don't need 100 different black skirts (guilty) or 5 new ill-fitting shirts (me again) per month. I'm tempted to sign up for February, but is it cheating to shop in preparation for the challenge? I need some more long shirts to wear over leggings. Just saying.

  • A Week Without Stuff is honestly a little too close to home for me. The author is a serious packrat (check) who knows that she needs to clean up and throw away (yep), but the things! She may need them someday! And they hold such sentimental value! (Okay, this is getting awkward for everyone involved.) And yet I'm inspired. Would I leave dishes in the sink if I only had one plate? Would I buy a ridiculous (but cute) sequin dress if I had to wear it at least once a week? Of course I am not going to suddenly lead a life free of possessions with some sort of new-found monk-like shopping piety, but maybe I can streamline my life a little if I detach myself a bit from stuff.

Speaking of Hoarders, does anyone else find it to be the single greatest motivator for cleaning your house? I watch that show medicinally. After watching an episode, I just wait for my hyperventilation to subside and then I'm off scrubbing floors, pulling clothing out of the closet, and otherwise improving my living situation. Please tell me I'm not alone. Please?

And now some questions for you:

  • If I were to do one of these experiments, which one would be more interesting to you: 30-30-30 or A Week Without Stuff? Either way, I promise to post blurry photos and write at least 300 words on the subject.

  • Am I the only one that lives in fear of becoming a hoarder? Am I the only one that lives in fear that they have already become a hoarder? And if you do not understand my feverish ramblings, please be so kind as to tell me your own irrational (or rational) fears. Yes, I'm asking you to make me feel better about my own neuroses.
  • Posted by sarah at January 26, 2011 12:55 AM

#1. Hoarders makes me feel like a hoarder. I think it does that to everyone. Related topic: Animal hoarders makes me afraid of my love for animals. What if someday I wake up with 300 cats? Even though I hit my limit with 2 pets, WHAT IF?

#2. I have a lot of irrational fears, but the worst (maybe) is my obsession with people I love dying. I spend far too much time thinking about what I would do if my husband died, how I would handle it, what I would do for the funeral, what I would say to people, etc and it usually ends up with me crying. And then he asks me what is wrong and I can't tell him because, really? That sounds insane.

Posted by: Rachael on January 26, 2011 10:00 AM

I've been watching Hoarders more regularly in the last 2 weeks, and my apartment has never been cleaner. The area under the kitchen sink! The coat closet!

I think you should do 30/30/30 and take lots of pictures of your cute self.

Posted by: Angie on January 28, 2011 12:36 AM

It wouldn't let me comment on the previous post and you already know about me and Hoarders.
I love watching that video even though I've heard that lecture already and I love it because I love that man! If I met him on the street and he asked me in his reasonable tone and British accent to educate children to better the future I would switch studies instantly.

Posted by: Jillian on February 11, 2011 02:01 AM
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